Thursday, 31 May 2007

George Bush, I'm sorry to say

Confusion is the main sentiment I feel about George Bush, and what has happened with US federal politics over the past seven years. The shambles of the first election, 911, bombings, war, the economy the second elections, Katrina—its just all surreal, or hyper real or something other than straightforward real life.

Its predictable to think about George Bush and think about his powerful political actions. But he is just a man, isn’t he? But even thinking on his humanity, I’m utterly confused by this man—by what he stands for, by who he could possibly be, by his actions and what thoughts his actions can possibly ascribe to him. I did a project that involved going around in different countries and vox popping people with a few questions, based around the one simple one: what does it mean to be a good human being? And the resounding consensus between people everywhere seemed to be that, no matter what your definition of good, people think that other people try to be good. The question to answer here is, however, what is good to George Bush?

I don’t know that this will ever become clear, or legible. I wonder, however, what will happen in the ensuing years, to the average citizen’s reality of politics in the US? Will the dream like, surreal state of affairs continue to spread more and more thickly over our lives, or will the veil be lifted? And even more frightening may be, if the latter happens, what will we find to be revealed as reality?

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